OP - 0011 - HOT Trainee Qualifying Questions


1.You MUST have a valid email address to submit the form. This supplied email address is used to send you alerts throughout the form submittal process.

2. Form submission confirmation and form status communications will be sent via email. When an email is sent to your email it MAY be regarded as SPAM/JUNK. If you do NOT see the emails (especially form submission success after submittal) in your INBOX, please check your email's SPAM/JUNK folder and mark email from this sender as safe. You may also preemptively mark the email address below as "Safe" through your email client before submitting a form and receiving communications from NJDOT.EMAIL: njdot.prod@simpligov.com

3.You can SAVE the form and complete it later. Do NOT confuse SAVE with SUBMIT. To submit a form you MUST click the SUBMIT button located on the last section of this form – SUBMIT.

4.After successfully submitting the form, Operations Personnel will review it. If the form is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation.

5.If you have any issues, questions, or technical issues with this form please email: DOT.OpsPersonnel@dot.nj.gov