HR - 0003 - Apps for Employment (Hourly)

Notes, Intsructions, & Disclaimer




Job applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, age, religion , marital, or veterans status, or disability. The State will not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual harassment.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits employers from discriminating against any qualified person on the basis of disability. The State of New Jersey makes reasonable accommodations during all aspects of the employment process, such as testing and interviews. The State also makes reasonable accommodations in the work environment to enable a person with a disability to perform the essential job functions and to participate equally with coworkers without disabilities. However, the State can only make reasonable accommodations when it is aware of a disability. It is up to you to inform us if you need a reasonable accommodation. You may be required to submit documentation to support your request. Please contact us at 609-530-2183 if you require a reasonable accommodation in the application or interview process.

  1. Please fill out application and Submit it.  There are required fields especially information that will allow us to contact you.  Please be thorough and fill out as much of the application as possible and attach all required documentation.
  2. You MUST have a valid email address to submit the application.  This supplied email address is used to send you alerts throughout the application submittal process.
  3. Application submission confirmation and application status communications will be sent via email.  When an email is sent to your email it MAY be regarded as SPAM/JUNK.  If you do NOT see the emails (especially app submission success after submittal) in your INBOX, please check your email's SPAM/JUNK folder and mark email from this sender as safe. 

    You may also preemptively mark email address below as "Safe" through your email client before submitting application and receiving communications from NJDOT.
  4. You can SAVE the application and complete it later. Do NOT confuse SAVE with SUBMIT
    To Submit an application you MUST click the SUBMIT button located on the last section of this application – Affirmative Action Information.
  5. Please have all required attachments ready to attach to the application (transcripts, certifications, etc.).  We prefer these attachments as PDFs.
  6. If you have any issues please click the User Instruction link below.  If you still have issues, questions, or technical issues with this application please email: and we will assist.

After successfully (re)submitting an application, DOT Human Resources Department will review it. You will receive emails about the status of your application.  Please check your email regularly for any updates.

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